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Replacement Tanks

Do you have a tank with a Stoystown Tank & Steel Co. tag on it?

Does the tank need replaced after all these years in service?

To identify your tank, we need you to look at the tag and record the serial number and the year it was built.

Better yet, take a picture of the tag with your cell phone and email it to us.

This will let us serve you better.

Custom Tanks

If you have been tasked with purchasing a tank, you have come to the right place. Custom ASME tank fabrication is in our wheelhouse.

You may already have a drawing. Or maybe you were only given the specs. Or it could still be a rough idea in your head. It's not a problem.

To start, please fill out this form and email it to us.

Let us take you from quote to tank.


Does your company have product lines requiring ASME tanks?


You need a reliable partner.

Stoystown Tank & Steel is a small outfit who has earned its stripes supplying Code tanks to companies of all sizes. 

Our relationships grow and endure because we execute.

We deliver on our promises and we deliver value for money to our customers.

Let's discuss your needs.

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