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We build to order ASME tanks for diversified industries.

Those industries include rail, oil and natural gas, air drying, filtration and purification, and abrasive blast and paint.

What We Do
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Where We Are

We are located in Reading Mine, a mining village built for employees of the Philadelphia & Reading Coal and Iron Co. The nearby bituminous coal mine was in operation from the 1890s to the late 1940s.

Our original fabrication shop, the Upper Shop as we say, is three bricks thick and the only structure remaining from the mine's heyday.

Grounds Picture with Tank .png

The company dog Tank patrolling the premises. - August 1984


The only remaining structure from the Reading Mine, the Upper Shop. - July 2022

Who We Are

Our company was originally established in 1958 by Calvin Zufall and Clifford Sible as Z & S Manufacturing Co. In 1960, Z & S Manufacturing Co. was reincorporated as Stoystown Tank & Steel Co.


Initially, the company built oil storage tanks for homes in the surrounding area. By the mid-1960s, it had ventured into manufacturing ASME tanks for EMGLO.

Upon the death of Calvin Zufall in 1980, his son and partner Stephen Zufall, assumed full ownership. During his tenure, the company developed expertise in custom ASME tank design and fabrication. 

In 2017, Stephen Zufall retired and Stoystown Tank & Steel Co. became a third generation company as ownership passed to his son Zachary Zufall.

Calvin Zufall and Ed Marts Adjusted.jpg

Calvin Zufall (right) with partner Ed Marts (left) who, in 1970, sold his share of the company to Stephen Zufall.

Calvin Welding Adjusted.jpg

Calvin "Cal" Zufall torch cutting steel for fabrication.

Picture GE Daily American Modified.png

Steve Zufall (third from the right) with employees receiving a Certified Quality Supplier award from General Electric Transportation - July 1987

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